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Ouch. And, yay!

So, have you been watching The Office? Jesus, if the first series was painful to watch, this is worse. But still, so, so funny. In fact, the most awful bits are the funniest, like the unrepeatable scene in which Gareth warned his, ahem, potential date that he doesn't do "sloppy seconds." My jaw was on the floor during that scene, seriously. And every time David Brent went near the new black bloke I cringed in anticipation. Painfully brilliant.

So, I downloaded Gilmore Girls, and while it took over 24 hours to do (seriously), it was great! And I am downloading new Buffy right now! The exceitment, the excitement....this time tomorrow (please, God!) I will be able to watch it. At work. When I should be working. Heh heh heh.
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