The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

The Top Cult TV programmes meme

1. Doctor Who
I loved it when I was a kid - it was an integral part of Saturday evenings - although I was very scared of it. Tom Baker and Peter Davidson will always be the doctor to me; I kind of stopped watching it when Sylvester McCoy came in. There exist tapes of my sister Jenny and I doing our own 'Doctor Who radio' when we were about eight or ten.
2. Buffy
My favourite television programme ever. Oh, how I miss it!
3. Stargate SG-1
Urgh. Dreadful..
4. Angel
The first season was weak, but it totally picked up after that. The current cast is great. I wish Joss Whedon would write more of it, though - the episodes he writes are just gold. Like the schooldays one. Oh, he is a genius. Sigh.
5. Farscape
I only watched a few episodes of it, right before it ended (of course), and I really liked what I saw. I dislike most of the Rodenberry shows because they're so visually boring, but Farscape looks absolutely fantastic. Also, lots of female characters. And Jim Henson muppets!
6. Babylon 5
Never watched it. At all.
7. The X-Files
I started watching it during my exams at the end of first year in college, which was, I think, the second season (maybe the first). My mother watched it, and I watched one episode with her when taking a break from my studies. I got into it then and watched it for a few years, but then, during its most farcically complicated phase, I missed about two episodes and nothing made any sense whatsoever after that. So I gave up. And then Mulder left and I hate that guy who replaced him so I had no reason to return.
8. Star Trek: The Next Generation
Aieee. No. Although strangely enough I know who all the characters are. I must have absorbed it by osmosis or something. Anyway, they did that terrible 'Oirish' episode which was one of the most offensive (and funny) things I've ever seen in my life, so I hate them forever. Kind of.
9. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
No. The only Star Trek I have any time for is Voyager.
10. Quantum Leap
I always liked this, in all its cheesy glory.
11. Blake's 7
I only have faint childhood memories of this.
12. Star Trek
Only the tribble episode.
13. Charmed
No. Cheesy and, when it tries to be funny, downright painful.
14. Red Dwarf
I liked it when I was about thirteen, when it was on. It's all a bit too Pratchett-ish and wacky for me now.
15. The Avengers
Oh yeah. Now, that's cool.
16. Blackadder
I really love Blackadder, actually, especially the Regency one. I twas one fo the first 'grown-up' programmes I ever watched. And did I cry at the end of the....Goes Fourth series? When they all went over the top and it faded into a field of poppies? Yes, I did. I could pretend that this was because I was about 15, but you know I'd still cry if I saw it now.
17. The Simpsons
Well, of course.
18. Enterprise
Meh. No.
19. UFO
20. Sapphire and Steel
I've never watched it in adulthood, although I remember it vaguely, and my sister watched an episode recently and said it was one of the creepiest things she'd ever seen.
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