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me and my pals

I'm only 50% compatible with glizfrau, and we've been friends since we were 19! What does it all mean?

sensational 99%
revely 98%
starfishchick 98%
alicetiara 97%
blue_monday 96%
goovie 94%
quietjenn 93%
altoidsaddict 91%
daegaer 91%
katemonkey 88%
blue_lotus 87%
fishstickmarie 87%
innle 87%
jinxremoving 84%
fox1013 80%
swedishfrogs 80%
alicamel 76%
chymerikaen 75%
listersgirl 73%
eternaltimtams 69%
silver_dreamer 69%
biascut 65%
jacito 65%
spacetart 65%
bettiepage_luvr 61%
noyb 61%
kylegirl 58%
glitzfrau 50%
stringy 50%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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