The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess


So, we played the Full-on Sexy Hoot Night on Friday! It was really, really good fun, even though we didn't end up doing 'Booylicious' (and I knew all the words and everything). Highlights of the evening included the indescribably funny sight of a long-locked indie-rocker bumping and grinding his way through Shaggy's 'Mr Boombastic', a fantastic version of 'Too Drunk to Fuck' by the Dead Kennedys (why, why, why didn't we think of doing that?), and the sweet sight of two gay indie-boys duetting sexily on 'Strobe Light' by the B 52s.

We've been invited to do the next one (the next theme is 'Who's That Girl?' - songs with girls' names in the title), although alas it may coincide with one of our tour dates. For yes, the band are going on tour. The new album is out on August 8th (as lj user=yiskah> knows only too well!) and we're playing loads of dates all over the country to celebrate/ promote it. And while this is all very well and exciting, to be honest I would really prefer to be covering 'Jennifer She Said' by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions...
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