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Ju Ju has a fan club.

It's pretty funny. For some reason, loads of under-ten year olds live on our road, and they are all obsessed with Ju Ju. They follow her around when she waddles around the road, they knock on the door and ask if they can pet her (they're all nice, polite little kids), and she sucumbs to their attentions with a resigned air. Their love for her knows no bounds; a few weeks ago, the Boy and I were woken up by an ecstatic cry from what sounded like beneath our window but which was actually next door's front garden, where one of the next-foor infants was shouting "look! Jooo-Joooo's doing a poo! She's doing a poo!" (We pronounce Ju-Ju's name with the emphasis on the second syllable, like jejeune, but to her fan club she's Joooooo-Joooooo)

But now she's attracted her most comical fan: a baby. This baby is about one and a half, and it was playing in next door's front garden with some of the other kids under the supervision of its mother and Mrs Next Door. I went out to put some paper in the recycling bin, and at the same time Ju Ju waddled past me and down the lane at the side of the house, on her way to the back garden.

"Cat gone!" shouted the baby. "Cat gone!" And he set off in hot pursuit, as fast as his fat baby legs could carry him. I went after him down the lane, and found him prodding at Ju Ju with his chubby fists, beaming in ecstasy and shouting "cat here! cat here!" By now his entourage of small children had appeared, and the whole lot of them followed the bewildered Ju Ju round the garden for about fifteen minutes, uttering joyful cries while the parents apologised frantically. We, of course, couldn't stop laughing.

see, this is what happens when you move out to the suburbs...

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