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i want new clothes!

And yet, I can't find any. What the hell is up with girlie clothes shops right now? I do not want to dress like Buffy Saint-Marie on Sesame Street, thanks, so stop offering cheapo-looking peasant blouses. And I got over my hippie phase back in 1991, and have no desire to wear either a poncho or a paisley dress, so stop showing them to me as well. Plus, would it kill you to make clothes for girls shorter than 5ft 7"? Jesus!

Even Urban Outfitters is no good. Not only is it farcially expensive these days (to Americans: UO on this side of the Atlantic is not the home of nice affordable clothing it is in,say, New York.. The average price of a skirt in the Dublin branch is $350.00), but the clothes aren't even that nice this season. And I both need and want new Winter clothes!

The only nice thing I've seen in all the shops in Dublin is a tight black sweater with rainbow stripes across the chest. One covetable item in the entire city! How pathetic is that? I need to go to London for the weekend...
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