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Yesterday my entire office were forced to go to a "brainstorming meeting" with an appalling canadian-German "marketing specialist". It was indescribably appalling, and involved lots of made-up words (the "discriminator"? The hell?) So instead I'll tell you about the film I watched last night. I came home to find that the Boy had got out Signs on video, which was way better than I thought it would be. I remember when it came out reading reviews that suggested it descended into religious claptrap at the end, which is why I wasn't tempted to go and see it in the cinema (um, that and the fact that I hate going to see scary films in the cinema, because I can't hide or run away during the scary bits) but I actually really liked the ending - I didn't think the religion-element intruded on it too much at all. I just thought it was a really well-made scary film - the fact that you rarely see the aliens themselves made it even scarier (especially the reflection in the TV - urrrrrgh). And I love films where at the end you "realise" something about the plot - it's totally manipulative, sure, but I don't care, because the moment when you go "aha! That's what that meant! And that's why they showed that!" are always my favourite bits in any film. And that's how I felt about the glasses of water all over the sitting room at the end. That was fantastic. Also, Joaquin Phoenix wielding a baseball bat? Hot. Sorry, but he is.

In any case, it was a lot more exciting than sitting in a hotel for eight hours listening to someone repeatedly mispronounce the same of the paper....
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