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So, I am back in work, after my weekend on the road! We played the first three gigs of our tour. Which can be summed up as follows:

Mullingar: hellish and too hot.

Cork: fun, and a nice city. Patrick is originally from Cork, although his family moved to Kildare when he was seven, so he kept reverting to his youth. By which I mean that every so often he would put on a (very scarily authentic) Cork accent, in a sort of mean baby voice, and say "I'll fight ye, boy! I'll fight ye for your sweets!" Which kept making me laugh, and so encouraged him.

Myrtleville: a gorgeous little village on the sea, about 25 miles out of Cork. There's a lovely Victorian guest house/pub there that regularly put on gigs, and we've played there before. A lot of cool bands play there, basically because the guy who runs the place is so nice and the location is so amazing. So we spent the day frolicking on the (very hot) beach, the night doing the gig, and the following morning lazing about on the beach again. The best part was being able to go to bed as soon as I got tired after the gig, because we were staying at the venue. Yes, I know this is a sign of my advanced age, but admit it, you too have longed to be instantly home and in bed after a night out. the solution: live above your night-spot of choice. It's the only way to go, honestly.
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