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Well, the server thing was sorted out, but the Buffy wasn't available yet, so I must wait until tomorrow to start downloading it, and until the fay after that to watch the first half hour. Those files are absolutely enormous. But still, it'll work eventually. Huzzah!

So, yiskahYiskah</lj> added me to her friends list, which made me happy because I like her journal very much. Most of my friends list are people from the Board of Good Snark, but I discovered Yiskah's journal through cangetmadKate</lj>, and it a lot. So, thanks yiskah!

It's very stuffy in the office. I feel all hot and snuffly at the same time, which is not a nice combination. God damn it, it's always either too hot or too cold here. Yesterday I wished I had a pair of gloves; today I want to open a window. Ugh. I don't feel like working.
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