The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Mea geekiness, mea geekiness, mea maxima geekiness

This afternoon I bought a <ahref="http://www.btvsrpg"> Buffy role-playing game</a> core book. I haven't actually played an RPG (as the fancy experts call them) since one time when I was 15 and tried (and failed) to play Call of Cthulu with my older sister and her friends. That one time was over ten years ago, so let's just say I'm not an expert.

But when I saw the book in Sub City comics, where I was buying the brand shiny new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I just couldn't resist. I've always thought RPGs looked like lots of fun, but I'm not into fantasy stuff, and so the basic premises always turned me off. But not any more! No, I'm going to become even more of a geek than I am already. Huzzah!
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