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"i could never be sick of Bath...."

I am in Bath! And it's one of the loveliest towns I've ever seen. We are staying in a very, very fancy hotel (all paid for by the British Tourist Board, thank God for journalism), and tomorrow we are off to a small Cotswolds village where we will stay in an even fancier hotel before going down to Cornwall. We were meant to be going over to Yorkshire first, but the British Travel lady convinced me on Friday that there wouldn't be time, and seeing as it took us six hours to drive here from the ferry terminal in Wales yesterday, I'm glad. So anyway, I'm wandering around with my head full of Northanger Abbey like the big geek I am, and visiting all the places mentioned in it. I even had tea in the Pump Room! Proof of my eternal uncoolness, despite my hipster pretentions.

By the way, Bath has the most amazing second hand book shops. Just this morning I found about four out-of-print books which I've been seeking for ages (no A. Forest, alas, although I've looked everywhere).
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