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Secret History

You know what I have next to me on my desk right now? Donna Tartt's new book. Yes, the long awaited one, the follow-up to The Secret History, the book the literary world has been waiting for for ten years, the book journalists have to sign an official confidentiality agreement in order to get. The book I have to write a review of this week.

It's not bad, actually.

In fact, it's very, very good. Forget trying to be a blase journo , I nearly pissed myself when I saw a copy of it in the literary editor's office a few months ago. She gave it to me so I can review it, after she'd faxed over a few crazy legal documents to the London publishers. The security about this book is insane. Seriously, not even I care that much about it.

But, it's pretty damn good. Shows Zadie Smith up as the pastiche-y hack she is.
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