The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

it was 28 years ago today!

Yes, this time nearly thirty (thirty! How the fuck did that happen?) years ago, my mother and father were the proud owners of a small, shouty baby who would go on to turn become asmall, shouty child and a small, shouty adult. My mother, by the way, went into labour with me while watching Kojak. How '70s kitsch is that? Also, my parents, like the nice folky hippies they were, sang 'The Boxer' by Simon and Garfunkel in harmony while I was being born. Strange but true.

So! Stag's Head! Tonight! It won't be too wild, ladies and gentlemen, so don't get too excited. My crazy dancing days seem to have gone forever - I think they went when the club which friends of barsine and mine started in Thomas House became really popular and far, far too crowded, and we found ourselves just wanting to go home and read rather than be squashed against a wall in the boiling heat all night. That said, it was great fun at first, when there were fewer people there and we all danced on the tables, so obviously I haven't totally lost my will to dance. ANYWAY. There probably won't be much table dancing tonight, but it should be fun, so come along!
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