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Unnnnnnh. Fucking computer. It got virused several times last week, despite all the patches and firewalls and Norton and what have you. But yesterday it did that "System error, shutdown" thing which the virus caused - despite both Trend System Scan and Norton saying there were no viruses (which is still the case). Any suggestions?

In other news, I watched 8 Mile today. Surprisingly good - I do think Eminem is very, very talented, it's just I can't ignore the misogyny and homophobia. That said, I did like his final rap in the battle, where he listed all the embarrassing things about his character so his opponent had nothing left with which to dis him.


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Sep. 28th, 2003 02:13 pm (UTC)
Is the Norton app fully updated to take into account new viruses? When was the last time you had it go to its parent site for the latest version?

If it's not been in a while you'll need to go and do it - new viruses appear all the time, and your installation of Norton may not be aware of them.

As for Eminem, I'm not a fan. Also, 8 Mile is semi autobiographical, isn't it? I'll wait to see what he can do with a story that isn't related to his life in any way...
Sep. 28th, 2003 03:42 pm (UTC)
i'm currently halfway through reading an essay about eminem and race, which keeps drawing from things like greek mythology, and unfortunately i really can't follow it at all.
Sep. 28th, 2003 04:10 pm (UTC)
Was it the Blaster virus you had before? It kinda sounds like a variant of it.

Try going to : http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger
There's a stinger utility there that is small and quick at killing the virus(es) that is/are inhabiting your computer. After that check that there aren't any urgent Microsoft security patches for it.

Um... if you download Stinger, and run it following any special instructions on the site above, it'll tell you if there are any, and clear them. You want to try that and see if it helps at all? If it does, I'd go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and get it to check for updates, and do them. It may take a while to get them, but it might help stop getting infected again.

Just a thought - it couldn't be coming on disks from any friends could it?
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