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all apologies

Gah. I am very behind on lots of things (including finishing cangetmad's Gilmore Girls CDs - only two CDs out of five have been burned, so maybe I'll just send them to eb going on with; it's eight episodes after all. What do you think, Kate?), so if I owe you a parcel, a letter, an email or anything, I apologise - I'm usually quite a bad correspondent at the best of times, but for some reason I've got even worse of late. However, next week I have absolutely no work lined up (apart from interviewing Chicks on Speed - whoo hoo!), so I will have way too much time on my hands, and with luck I'll get everything sent out.

In other news, we're playing the Hoot Night tonight! Anyone want to see us and lots of other Dublin bands covering songs from 1987 and 1967 (tonight's theme), come to the Sugar Club. We're doing 'La Isla Bonita'....
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