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random pop thoughts of the evening

Hmmm. I quite like the Britney/Madonna single. I love it where someone addresses their co-singer by their name in a song, so I love all the 'hey, Britney!'s. And some of Madonna's bits sound a bit 'Express Yourself' (possibly my favourite Madonna single), which is good.

Or perhaps the whole thing just sounds good in comparison with the current Pink single, which just came on MTV after it, and which is arse. I fucking hate Pink. I hate the way she's supposedly credible now she's releasing singles that sound like particularly bad Pat Benetar. Although that Charlie's Angels William Orbit one was pretty good. Still, two good singles in an entire career isn't exactly great going.

On a cheerier note, the current Sugababes single is fantastic. Like pretty much all of their singles.

Oh man, they're using 'Ghost Town' by the Specials in a Woolworths ad! That's one of the greatest songs ever! Is nothing sacred?
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