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evil dublin

Ugh. I feel like shit. I was at Patrick's gig last night (thanks for coming and hope you had a nice night, glitzfrau!), and while part of the reason I feel like shit is because I had three drinks and smoked lots of cigarettes (the shame), the real reason I feel so terrible is because we left the venue soon after two and got home AT FIVE. Yes, there were no taxis at all near Whelan's, so we walked all the way down to the Nightlink, which for some reason had stopped early, and so, very tired after our trek, we went to the College Green taxi rank. There, the queue was literally 150 yards long. And it wasn't moving.

Seriously, there were absolutely no taxis. At all. They just weren't arriving. I've never experienced anything so bad, and believe me, if you're from Dublin you are well used to shit taxi service. We had to queue in the freezing, icy cold for two hours. It was like hell. I was wearing my high heeled Campers, which are usually comfortable, but not after a mile long walk and then a two hour, um, stand. Especially as I was wearing fishnets, which after a while started feeling as if I was standing on a chain link fence. My feet are all blistered today, and as I usually wear very comfy shoes (god bless you, Camper, for making cute little flats), I don't think I've ever had a blister on the sole of my foot rather than just my heel or somewhere else where a new shoe has rubbed into it. So now I can't walk. Well, I can, obviously, but every step is horribly painful. Fucking Dublin. I hate you and your arsey taxi drivers.
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