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Oh, fucking hell.

I just spent two bloody hours doing my Books in Brief colum, a very boring exercise which involves writing brief summaries of a selection of 'notable' new books that don't get a full book review, and when I went to send it on the editing system to my editor, I discovered that some shit-for-brains had decided to use my computer when I was out this morning and log in to the editing-system as a different user and then not log out again, meaning that when I tried to send the piece to my editor, it wouldn't let me, and...bascially, I lost the entire piece. And I have to write it again. And I am not in the fucking mood.

Especially as one of the books is a demented piece of shit by a crazy IRA man who keeps ringing up my editor every day and harassing her about mentioning his stupid book. I threw it into the bin after I wrote a brief sentence about it and I just had to fish it out again, so it is now covered in sandwich crumbs.

I tried to start the whole thing again, but when I got to that awful 'Ra book I found myself writing "an illiterate terrorist writes a shit play", so maybe I should wait until I calm down a bit.

Fuck. I'm going to have a cigarette.

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