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I had my second musical rehearsal last night, and it was great. We danced! We tapped! We shuffled! We kicked! And I loved every second of it. Oooh, I'd almost forgotten how much I like dancing - not just clubbing dancing, although I love that too, but being given specific steps and executing them. I took dance lessons for years, both ballet and tap, although like so many other extra-curiccular activities, I stopped when I hit secondary school. When I was small, though, I was obsessed, and was sure I was going to be a dancer when I grew up. My dad wrote a poem about me when I was about four (and looked just like my icon), called, very cheesily, Tiny Dancer (my dad wrote poems for each of us when we were wee, which are a bit cheesy but rather sweet), all about how I danced all the time, all over the house. That, however, was well over twenty years ago.

And so until last night, I had also actually forgotten that I'm good at dancing - I didn't really think I was, and then I saw how other people just couldn't get their heads (or feet, rather) around the steps the choreographer was teaching us, and I had them off pretty much straight away, and could do them properly. So satisfying, making your feet do just want you want them to. I can't wait for next week.
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