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Spent the weekend roaming around the country; we had a gig in Cork on Saturday night. On the way down, we called into my bandmate Bryan's place in Castledermot, which is technically in Kildare but basically in Kilkenny. I've heard a lot about it before - Bryan's an architect but moved back to the family home earlier this year when both his parents got very sick - but somehow I'd never been there, and I was utterly entranced. The family run a small(ish) stables where they breed and stable race horses, and the house is a beautiful big Georgian one, set in 100 acres of gorgeous farm land. It's big without being the local 'Big House' - it's rather as I imagine Longbourne - and Bryan's family have been slowly but surely doing it up for the last twenty years. They have lots of lovely horses, including one small and nervous foal, who hasn't been broken in yet and is still very jittery around people. They also train fox hounds - and while I do loathe hunting, I have to say that the hounds were the loveliest, jolliest dogs I've ever seen.

I like horses a lot, although I've never ridden properly; my sister Rachel has been doing it since she was seven, and the fact that her horse-love lasted not only through secondary school but also college and beyond (she gets up at seven in the morning to go to the stables even after her wildest nights out) indicates that she'll keep it up forever. She's only just out of college now, and on a gap year in Australia, but I think when she gets back she'll start her professional horse career, and when she does, I might finally get her to teach me all about the beasts.

I always think I'm a total city person, but I think it's really that I loathe small Irish towns. I do love the countryside, and would be happy to live outside Dublin if I could live in a big house in the country rather than a semi-detached in Naas. The thought of living in a house like Bryan's, being able to go out in the morning and ramble around the countryside, having all that space - it's just so appealing.

Of course, if I did move into somwhere like that, I would probably be wailing and demanding all my friends and libraries and shops and the Stag's Head within a week, but the idea is still lovely.
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