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The Harlot's Progress

Wonderful Little Walküre in Knickerbockers

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The Monkey Princess
12 September 1975
I'm a lazy 32 year old Irish journalist, living in Dublin with my husband and a rather stupid cat.

Things I like: Patsington, second-hand bookshops, cats, being a self-righteous leftie, knitting, BBC Radio 4, drinking tea, Buffy, Sweet Valley High books, lazing about with my chums talking rubbish.

Things I don't like: faux-Irishness, people who say "I'm not a feminist, but...", people who call people "babe", those headbands with bows which deluded parents put around tiny bald babies' heads.

I don't automatically friend people back - sorry.
1920s, 60s pop culture, a little princess, absolute beginners, adrian tomine, alan moore, alt-country, ambassadors of sorrow, amelia peabody, angela carter, antonia forest, april march, battlestar galactica, bear ears, being self righteous, being twee, berlin, bertolt brecht, bikini kill, bitch magazine, blur, brief encounter, buffy the vampire slayer, bust magazine, charles dickens, chicklit.com, children's literature, comfort reading, comics, connie willis, css, cute shoes, dame darcy, daniel clowes, david attenborough, die weisse rose, dorothy l. sayers, drinking tea, e.f.benson, e.nesbit, edward gorey, elizabeth peters, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, evelyn waugh, fairy tales, feminism, francoise hardy, franz ferdinand, fray, freaks and geeks, french pop, george gershwin, german, gilbert and sullivan, gilmore girls, gingham, girl groups, hairspray, heathers, helium, history, irmgard keun, jacqueline susann, jane austen, jessica mitford, jon spencer blues explosion, kind hearts and coronets, knitting, ladyfest dublin, le tigre, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lee hazlewood, leonard cohen, leonard rossiter, liberalism, life on mars, louise rennison, love and rockets, lukas moodysson, making stuff, mary timony, molesworth, monkeys, nancy mitford, neil gaiman, neosupervital, nick cave, nick drake, noel streatfeild, northern soul, oz magazine, p.g. wodehouse, p.j. harvey, pandababy, pedro almodovar, persephone books, peter bagge, pirates, playing the piano, radio 4, ranting, richmal crompton, riot grrrl, robin of sherwood, round the horne, sarah waters, sassy, school stories, seinfeld, serge gainsbourg, sewing, sherlock holmes, singing, sleater-kinney, socialism, steeleye span, suffragettes, sweet valley high, talking too much, tamsin greig, tap dancing, teen novels, the archers, the byrds, the chalet school, the house of eliott, the make-up, the mighty boosh, the pixies, the shangri las, the stone roses, threepenny opera, throwing muses, tim moore, toast, tom waits, tony hancock, trashy books, tropicalia, vashti bunyan, veronica mars, victoriana, vintage clothes, wilkie collins, william maxwell, writing, ye-ye, zines

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